class wisdom.logging.Log

This class allows you to perform diagnostic logging of program functions and tasks.

By default, wisdom attempts to make it's internal log globally available at wisdom.console, but see wisdom configuration for options that affect this.





global objects:


By default, upon initial setup of the wisdom library at run-time, wisdom attempts to create a default Log object accessible to page javascript at wisdom.console. Additionally, if wisdom is configured to do so, it can also provide a global window.console object that may or may not over-write any pre-existing console objects (such as those provided by browser extensions like Firebug etc).

The default Log object is built using the wisdom.logging.Log() constructor function. The Log() constructor takes the ID of an element to use as a log output window, and paragraphs are written to it for each log item. This id can be configured via the wisdomConfiguration global. This logging element (typically a div?) can be given the class "WisdomLog" to receive some useful default styling.


This is part of the Reference Documentation for the Wisdom Javascript Library? (or wisdom.js)