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Wisdom Javascript

Welcome to the wiki reference for the Wisdom Javascript Library (or "wisdom.js"), a client-side web application module for easy manipulation of Document Object Models, creation of user interface elements and widgets, scripting in-page animations as well as simple access to advanced browser features like AJAX and CSS.

Wisdom is a client-side utility library for rapidly developing dynamic scripted web sites. Wisdom is currently at version 0.35 (alpha) and is very much a work-in-progress.

Getting Started


The global object:

  • window.wisdom : Object (namespace). The global wisdom object is the central namespace and module registrar of the Wisdom run-time library. It is a place to access metadata like library version numbers and configuration attributes, and also the container of implementation-specific internal objects.




  • wisdom.useScene(scene : Scene) : Boolean

internal implementation (don't touch)

Important JavaScript Types and Classes

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