A set of classes and objects for managing basic geometry. Many of the container classes below are best used as components of composite objects that need a specific property to be modeled within a domain.

In certain cases (such as when working with large data sequences) it can often be more efficient to eschew these specific types (such as Point2D), that might be better handled with one or more implicitely structured Arrays (or native Typed Arrays?, if available).

Module wisdom.geometry



  • wisdom.geometry.distance2D(Point2D a, Point2D b);
  • wisdom.geometry.distanceUnsquared2D(Point2D a, Point2D b);
  • wisdom.geometry.distance3D(Point2D a, Point2D b);
  • wisdom.geometry.distanceUnsquared3D(Point2D a, Point2D b);

This is part of the Reference Documentation for the Wisdom Javascript Library? (or wisdom.js)