Here are the available tutorials:

Many of these are now old and obsolete (and marked as such, where applicable), but I'm leaving them up here for posterity and/or future augmentation. Many are simply one-line tips for quick reference, and some are nothing more than link dumps for now, but hopefully they will grow more complete over time.

Linux Tools Tutorial Series

Read the introductory notes on GNU/Linux.



Infrastructure Tutorial Series


  • ogrinfo -- vector metadata extraction

Ubuntu Tutorial Series

Redhat Tutorial Series

POSIX Tutorial Series

Spine Tutorial Series

Javascript snippets


This system is subject to breakdowns during periods of critical need! A special circuit in the computer called a "critical detector" senses the user's emotional state in terms of how desperate they are to get their program to run. The "critical detector" then creates a bug in the program proportional to the desperation of the user. Threatening the terminal with violence only aggravates the situation, causing the program to immediately crash or the entire system to go down. Likewise, attempts to use another terminal may cause it to core dump. (They all belong to the same LAN.) Keep cool and say nice things to the terminal.

  • Slackware fortune