Wisdom is a lightweight Javascript DHTML library for speeding client-side application development and hiding cross-browser compatibility issues.

Overview of Features

  • centralized application configuration
  • custom builds for release and debug, or minimized lite versions of the library
  • low level logging and utility methods
  • generalized geometry types and functions
  • a useful Sprite class for implementing all sorts of animated visual elements on your pages, such as game characters or special effects.
  • methods for extracting properties and elements of the browser window and document.
  • access to CSS rules in stylesheets for dynamically altering page styles.
  • a cross-browser compatible wrapper for AJAX functionality, which enables arbitrary requests to the server to be made after page-load.
  • a growing set of user interface widget classes such as Tooltip, DropDownMenu, Slideshow and Slider.

List of currently included modules:

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This is part of the Reference Documentation for the Wisdom Javascript Library? (or wisdom.js)